Nonsurgical Treatment of Nasal Polyps

19 November 2015 in Nasal Care

One of the most well known causes of sinus pressure and pain that occur in the nasal and sinus passages of many people is nasal polyps. People who are suffering chronic sinus problems may have anatomical obstructions in their nasal and sinus cavities, and nasal polyps are one of the most common of these.

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Non-Surgical Nasal Polyp treatment

Today, doctors are not yet 100% certain what the precise causes of nasal polyps are. Generally, it is thought that chronic inflammation in the nasal cavities can cause polyps to grow. Then, this often results to blockage in the sinus passages and resulting in infections. Furthermore, it seems that aspirin intolerance also seems to increase the likelihood of nasal polyps.

Usually, nasal polyps are described as looking like some sort of rounded grape-like growth. A polyp can add obstruction inside the nose. They can block your drainage passageways and therefore result in bacterial growth and infection. Unlike polyps that develop in other parts of your body, nasal polyps cannot become cancerous.

If you are suffering such problem, you should consult your physician and have him determine if you have nasal or sinus polyps, and seek appropriate treatment. Luckily nasal polyps can often be treated successfully with medications alone and surgery is not always a necessity.

To learn the non-surgical treatment for nasal polyps, you should check out this nice article from Medscape:

19 November 2015 Nasal Care