10 Principles of Public Relations

28 February 2017 in Perth Business

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Having an outstanding public relation is important to politicians, celebrities, athletes, public figures, and more importantly business owners. That is why most business organisations invest in public relations. However, many small business owners do not invest in public relations.

Small business organisations need to commit to public relations program for the growth of the business. There are big returns on investment for public relations. Building a stronger brand identity will result in more awareness and credibility for your business and its products or services. Higher awareness will help you to gain market interest and market credibility.

What are public relations? It is about using communication tools and strategies to build relationships with various groups of individuals such as the business community, customers (both potential and existing), suppliers, media, government levels and more. Traditionally this is done through press releases, radio, television, newspapers and magazines. In today’s digital online environment however social media and social networking have become part of an integrated public relations program. PR can influence people’s perceptions and opinions.

Most public relations plans focus on first identifying the challenge, then building the objectives of the campaign, next building the communication tactics and messages, and finally monitoring results and revising as necessary.

An article published by Small Business Chronicles can teach you more about public relations. It discusses the 10 principles you need to know. Click here for more details: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/10-principles-public-relations-10661.html

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