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How Rhinoplasty Surgery in Fremantle WA is Done

9 April 2014 in Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Rhinoplasty surgery is in Fremantle or any other places in the world is done in order to correct the shape or angle of the nose or fix a damaged nose. You need a surgeon who is an expert in rhinoplaty to operate on your nose in order to achieve the shape or angle that you want.

Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Fremantle

Rhinopasty surgery procedure starts by introducing anesthetics to the region of your nose so that the area will be numbed and you will feel no pain. Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Fremantle will then access the bones and cartilage of your nose by making a small incision, bones or cartilage may be removed and tissue may be added in order to reshape the structure of the nose. After the process of reshaping your nose, the incision will then be stitched and your nose will then be covered in order to support your nose as it undergoes the process of healing. After the procedure your face may be bruised and you will have to stay still in order to avoid damaging the newly arranged structure of your nose.

The bandages may be removed from your nose a week or more after the surgery depending on what the surgeon has instructed. This may be a month long process and there are risks, so medical test are done and medications are given before and after surgery.

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Nonsurgical Treatment of Nasal Polyps

19 November 2015 in Nasal Care

One of the most well known causes of sinus pressure and pain that occur in the nasal and sinus passages of many people is nasal polyps. People who are suffering chronic sinus problems may have anatomical obstructions in their nasal and sinus cavities, and nasal polyps are one of the most common of these.

Rhinoplasty Perth

Non-Surgical Nasal Polyp treatment

Today, doctors are not yet 100% certain what the precise causes of nasal polyps are. Generally, it is thought that chronic inflammation in the nasal cavities can cause polyps to grow. Then, this often results to blockage in the sinus passages and resulting in infections. Furthermore, it seems that aspirin intolerance also seems to increase the likelihood of nasal polyps.

Usually, nasal polyps are described as looking like some sort of rounded grape-like growth. A polyp can add obstruction inside the nose. They can block your drainage passageways and therefore result in bacterial growth and infection. Unlike polyps that develop in other parts of your body, nasal polyps cannot become cancerous.

If you are suffering such problem, you should consult your physician and have him determine if you have nasal or sinus polyps, and seek appropriate treatment. Luckily nasal polyps can often be treated successfully with medications alone and surgery is not always a necessity.

To learn the non-surgical treatment for nasal polyps, you should check out this nice article from Medscape:

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Vitamins to take for rhinoplasty patients

5 June 2014 in Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Have you heard about the rhinoplasty procedure? Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation performed by a plastic surgeon. This procedure is among the most popular. However, we do not have enough knowledge about this procedure because only the positive effects are highlighted.

Rhinoplasty can truly make your face beautiful. Nevertheless, you should expect some bruising and swelling immediately after this procedure. That means that you should find ways to prepare to handle it. One of the most effective ways to prevent swelling is eating the right food or the vitamins to take.

There are some vitamins that can effectively reduce the swelling of the nose after the operation. Watch the video below to know them all:

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Nose Contouring Guide

30 May 2014 in Beauty Tips

Always dreamed of having a thinner nose? But are you willing to go through a surgical procedure to achieve it? Now you can have a thin nose without having to go to the operating room. Using some makeup tricks, you can achieve a perfect nose.

Professional makeup can highlight a person’s best features to make her more beautiful. This type of makeup also minimizes a person’s beauty flaws. If you want to correct or enhance the appearance of the nose, this procedure is called “nose contouring”.

Learn more about nose contouring and some makeup tricks on how to properly contour your nose:

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Symtoms of Nasal Polyp

20 May 2014 in Nasal Care

Inside the nasal passages, there are small nodules called “nasal polyps”. They can be the cause of post nasal drip, sinus problems and can even obstruct breathing. To help you diagnose and treat nasal polyps, you should know the early warning signs of the problem.

You need to evaluate yourself and if have any of these symptoms or warning signs, you should consult them with your physician. Let him or her conduct some tests to diagnose the nasal polyps and you will be recommended with the proper treatment or medication if necessary.

Many of us are unaware that they are already suffering from nasal polyps and hence, not receiving the proper treatment. Check out the video below to know the symptoms of nasal polyp:

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Rhinoplasty — Reasons & Explainations

25 April 2014 in Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Rhinoplasty procedures or “nose jobs” are often described as cosmetic procedures of reshaping a person’s nose to look better, so that they can the patient will become more attractive overall.

A lot of people may not know this but rhinoplasty surgery can also help someone with a medical problem that has to do with the nasal opening or any other things related to the human nose. One of the main medical reasons for having rhinoplasty done is to correct the cartilage inside your nose, which separates the right nostril from the left, when it is not centred.

There are so many other reasons you can use to determine yourself if you’re a good candidate for a rhinoplasty surgery. For more reasons and things  about nose job, watch the video below:

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How to wear eye glasses after nose surgery injury

20 April 2014 in Rhinoplasty Surgeons

A lot of people are deeply obsessed with their physical appearance. These people will do almost anything that could keep or even enhance the beauty they posses. Since the nose is the centre of the face, it becomes a big factor that influences an individual’s facial appearance.

Those people who are not confident on how their nose looks decide to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery. This procedure can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of one’s face and an overall improvement in self-image. However, you need to face some challenges during and after the surgery.

There are some simple things that can be difficult to do – eyeglasses, for example may only be worn across the bridge of the nose when it feels comfortable. This can be a problem for those who regularly wear glasses.

If you want to learn how to wear eyeglasses even right after your rhinoplasty surgery, you need to watch the video below:

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: Cost, pain, etc.

14 April 2014 in Rhinoplasty Surgeons

What is rhinoplasty surgery? Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping surgery that helps in correcting defects of the nose including birth defects, and those caused by genetics or nasal injury. As far as plastic surgery is concerned, it is one of the most commonly performed procedures.

Since the nose is the central and prominent part of a person’s face, the nose is a great factor in deciding the person’s overall facial appearance. In order to provide a person with a perfectly beautiful nose, he or she undergoes the rhinoplasty procedure.

However, aside from the price, a lot of people are afraid of this procedure because of the pain they may feel during the surgery. But is it really painful, watch the video below to know the answer: